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Alamo Fiesta® was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1994 and was later renamed Fiesta On Main®. To prioritize customer service and proximity to end-consumers, our founder relocated all distribution operations to the US from Mexico. Our Fiesta On Main® location, once a neglected house, was revived with hard work, dedication, and heart to become the first permanent location of our parent company, Soul Heart Hands, LLC. Today, our offices and storefront are located on W. Rector St., across from North Star Mall near the airport. We owe our success to all our artisans, associates, managers, and most importantly, our loyal customers who have patronized us for decades. Gracias!

Fiesta at North Star Building FIESTA AT NORTH STAR® is your 40,000 square foot FIESTA PARTY HEADQUARTERS located across from North Star Mall on West Rector St. that houses several brand experiences including Dia De Los Muertos Museum® and Fiesta On Main® Folk Art Gallery. The facility offers close to 150 parking spaces and is easily accessible from several main roads including Hwy 281, Loop 410, San Pedro Ave., and McCullough Ave. It's also only 3 minutes from San Antonio’s International Airport.

Open almost every day of the year, FIESTA AT NORTH STAR® welcomes everyone who wants to learn, experience, and purchase a little bit of Mexico and beyond. The store offers a large array of items including seasonal party supplies (with a specialty in Fiesta Season including Official Fiesta Merchandise), forever home art, and everyday clothing for all genders and ages. Showroom displays change seasonally and new merchandise arrives frequently, so it's recommended to visit often to find unique pieces.

Why choose us?

Our company provides the best quality and prices due to our direct purchases from artisans and manufacturers, as well as streamlined logistics. We prioritize integrity and quality in the production process to ensure the best results in our products and services.

Why Purchase Artisan Hand Made Art? Artisans

Handmade art has the power to enrich the lives of the families who create them. These beautiful pieces are the result of countless hours spent by at-home artists, often of indigenous descent, who have learned this craft from their ancestors. Each piece is unique, born from the artist's soul, heart, hands at that moment in time.

As consumers, we can help preserve this cultural legacy by supporting these artists and purchasing their handmade products. By buying their art at a fair market price and providing feedback on marketability, we show these artists that their work is valued and appreciated. We make a difference by purchasing their art outright rather than on consignment and by helping them create art that is more appealing to a wider audience.

Our Online Store

ALAMO FIESTA.COM® & FIESTASTORE.COM® have been online since 1999, offering a piece of the Fiesta At North Star experience to customers through our website. Although you can shop from the comfort of your home or business, we encourage you to visit our store for the full experience. Currently, only 5% of our total inventory is available online. Our brick-and-mortar store provides an unforgettable shopping experience.

Live Shot Visitors from around the world have come through our doors and returned home to spread the word about our store. We're proud to have been recognized as a top store to visit in media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Southern Living, the Frommer's Travel Guide for San Antonio/Austin, American Airlines Magazine, and local newspapers and magazines. We've also been featured on local TV shows, live news segments, and national programs. Our products are even available in major retail chains. For more information about our media presence, please visit our contact page.
Our Commitment to You

At Soul Heart Hands, LLC., we are constantly searching for the best talent in the arts and crafts industry. Our commitment to discovering new talent and products never stops, as we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality items at the best possible prices.

Thank you for your patronage and for being a part of our family. GRACIAS!