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PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE VISITING US. Our store staff cannot process applications on the spot so there might be a delay in your shopping.










What is a "Wholesale Account"?

If you have a storefront, re-distribution operation, flea market operation, farmer's market operation, carnival / traveling event operation, church fundraising event, school fundraising event (P.T.O. or P.T.A.) or are a walking / static street vendor you are at the right place! Wholesale accounts are designated for businesses or people who will resale the merchandise purchased from us.

If you are a buyer for a multi-franchise or multi-store operation or would like to carry our products in an international market please contact an administration associate AFTER REGISTERING BELOW: Administration Contact At Bottom of linked Page

These businesses are usually registered with their local city and state and are issued a resale license (Tax I.D. number). With this Tax I.D. we are able to verify commercial use and tax exempt status (exempted from paying local and state sales taxes). With an active wholesale account, our listed low prices are further discounted to provide you with a better profit margin. At the top of this page you will find a link to the quick online registration form to create a wholesale account for your company.

However, there are requirements that must be met to qualify for one. Accounts are not immediately activated but are researched and made active with 1-5 business days. If you DO NOT have a Tax I.D. please contact us (210) 738-1189 so we can help you open up an wholesale account via phone. Please read the terms and procedures below of how to set up an account.

We only have around 5% of total items available online and not all items are available for wholesale. We will add items online as they are avaiable to be sold wholesale. For a larger product selection we recommend visiting our physical location in San Antonio: FIESTA AT NORTH STAR® - NORTH SAN ANTONIO (ADDRESS: 102 W. Rector, San Antonio, TX 78216)

Thank you for thinking of us as your distributor! Gracias!

Why choose us?

Our company is able to offer the best prices and quality because we purchase directly from the artisans / manufacturers and have efficient logistics. We take the time to know every artisan personally, view their facilities, and see how each item is made. We make sure that the intergrity and quality in the production process is the best and that the creators follow all laws, rules and regulations.

All quality work requires good compensation so we make sure every artisan is paid a fair market price for their work. We even manufacture products such as the halos, papel picado, confetti, and cascarones (confetti eggs). There are no intermediaries involved in our purchases or transactions.

Furthermore, we are direct importers and do not use product import consolidators which raise import overhead costs considerably. Our warehouse and logistics infrastructure in Mexico and Latin America help us keep our costs low. Other businesses require the service of consolidators because they lack the time, buying power, warehouse space, and experience to close purchase deals. We pass all of these savings to you!


1. ) Wholesale accounts are solely for business customers that will buy in large quantities and directly resale the merchandise. Items can only be purchased by case quantities or package minimums. Wholesale priced packages or cases cannot be broken into units unless specified.

2. ) Wholesale buyers need to provide proof of their business or organization's operations. Documents may include: state issued certificate with appropriate NAISC, a website, business card, city issued certificate or any other documentation that proves of a resale operation.

3. ) Every transaction must be at least $100.

4. ) Re-orders should have a frequency of at least every three months. (Exceptions apply for once a year or seasonal purchasers.)

5. ) Business operations within a 5 mile radius of our physical store will have restrictions or will require further review.

6. ) We reserve the right to deny or revoke wholesale accounts at any time and reserve the right to change prices at any time without notice.

7. )Accounts are verified each year for continuation of wholesale status. Inactive accounts have to re-apply.

8. )If status is revoked or any changes of company information occurs the company or proprietor must re-apply. Account holders cannot transfer account information to another person or company.

What to do after wholesale registration?- PLEASE READ!

    * You should receive an email confirmation notifying you of a successful registration.

    * Please allow 1-5 business days for wholesale account approval. Please keep in mind that the information you provided will be researched and verified to make sure all of the requirements are met.

    * If you do not receive any contact from us after the time above or if you see your "Type of Account:" still "WHOLESALE (Pending)" or "(WS Denied)" under your Account Management page, please call us @ 1-888-235-9360 to verify.

    * All active wholesale accounts will have an "Wholesale (Approved)" status on their account overview. Once this approved designation is assinged, you will be able to see wholesale prices online. Please LOG IN FIRST to your wholesale account before "Adding to Basket" so that wholesale prices reflect for each item ordered. If you add to basket first before being logged in the prices on your shopping basket will not be wholesale pricing (please logout and re-order). Again, you will not be able to see "Wholesale" prices until your account has an "Approved" designation.

    * If you are a buyer for a multi-franchise or multi-store operation or would like to carry our products in an international market please contact an administration associate after registering: Administration Team Contact

    * No personal purchases will be permitted with a wholesale accounts. Please register another account under another email for personal retail use. All wholesale accounts will only allow for multi quantity minimums or case quantities for each item.

If you have any other questions please contact us. Thank you for your business!