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Collection of Information
We collect only that information which is necessary to complete your desired transaction and notify you of shipment.

Non-transaction Related Email
Many of our customers have been pleased to receive seasonal information about our products, deals, and upcoming events FIESTA ON MAIN®, FIESTA AT NORTH STAR®, DIA DE LOS MUUERTOS MUSEUM®. You can register your e-mail address at the bottom left of the website in our Newsletter Sign-Up.

Intended Use
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Use of Cookies
Cookies are highly routine, and should not cause alarm. A "cookie" is a small file stored by your computer's web browser. The browser is called upon to create cookies with unique identifiers by a given web site. This site will operate properly whether your browser is configured to support cookies or not (and likewise Javascript). For this site, the convenience provided by the cookie is as follows.
  1. The "Automatic Login" feature will function properly, because the combination of your cookie and IP number are sufficient login credentials.
  2. Your session id is hidden from view, as opposed to a long string of text in your URL.
  3. We can link your shopping cart to actual entries in the database without your logging in, so selected items are not lost if you don't sign in on a particular visit.

For More Information
If you would like more information about privacy or security, please contact us.